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Physical Activity and Wellness

The Physical Activity and Wellness Department offers a wide variety of core and elective courses including resistance training, Sports Medicine I & II, Emergency Care, self-defense, archery and other individual and team sports in addition to Outdoor Recreation classes in Hiking, Mountain Biking and Rock Wall Climbing.  There is also a full compliment of dance classes.  Students can also receive PA credit for fully participating in a varsity sport.

Graduation Requirement in Physical Activity and Wellness 

All junior students are required to successfully complete a term of either VS1XX Varsity Sports or another activity-based PA course. PA160/PA162 Sports Medicine I/II do not meet NCSSM graduation requirements in physical activity and wellness. Students who enter NCSSM with a deficiency of physical activity credit must also successfully complete an additional term of physical activity/wellness for each .50 unit of deficiency. Such deficiencies may be satisfied by either additional terms of VS1XX Varsity Sports or one, or more, activity-based course(s), though courses may not be repeated for credit. NOTE: Though students may be involved in a varsity sport each term, they receive credit for VS1XX Varsity Sports only once unless satisfying a documented entering credit deficiency in physical activity.