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NCSSM Launches ""

NCSSM Launches ""

Durham, N.C. – The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics Athletic department is excited to announce the launch of as the first true web home of NCSSM Athletics with the backing of PrestoSports technology. The moniker of "Go UNIs!" has become a familiar chant as fans cheer on their beloved Unicorns.

The new site will serve as the home to NCSSM's 19 varsity sports as well as the Physical Activity and Wellness department as a part of the division of Student Life. It features a robust design with dynamic schedules and content, RSS feeds, streaming videos and connections to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The site also features a mobile website for accessing from cell phones, tablets and similar devices.

"One of the first things I noticed coming from the collegiate to high school level is that the communication of athletic events to the public is harder to come by. With us being a residential school with students from possibly every county in North Carolina, I felt that is was imperative for us to get the information about their students in athletic competition back to the families. We will keep up to date information on the site with weekly write ups, social media updates through Twitter and Facebook and streaming video of contests as much as possible," said NCSSM Athletic Director Greg Jarvis.

NCSSM is the first high school in North Carolina to be on the PrestoSports network and one of only 18 in the United States.

About PrestoSports

Started in 2003, PrestoSports helps sports teams communicate online with their fans, opponents and media outlets. The company develops technologies that facilitate the sharing of information on top of the PrestoSports Network, the digital mapping of teams' real-world connections. Millions of fans follow their favorite teams on sites powered by PrestoSports. For more information, visit